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Our approach lies in establishing and defining a professional relationship:

While we engage with a potential client we will provide the Disclosure Statement and Terms of Engagement document including the Scope of Engagement & Services. It defines the terms & services being provided and the responsibilities of both the Client and the Adviser. It also clarifies the Financial Adviser’s compensation for his services

If the client wishes to engage the services of our advisor, the client is required to sign and return the Terms of Engagement document before commencement of engagement.

Gathering data, including goals

We will then seek information about the client’s financial situation and desired outcomes. The client and the adviser will mutually assess and define the client’s personal and financial goals, understand the client’s time frame for results and discuss, if relevant, how the client feels about risk.

Analysing and Evaluating the client’s financial status

BlueShield Financial Adviser will analyse the client’s information to assess the client’s current situation and determine what the client must do to meet their goals. Depending on what services the client has asked for, this could include analysing the client’s assets, liabilities and cash flow, current Risk Protection or insurance cover and investments.

Developing and Presenting Financial Planning


Based on the information provided by the client, we will offer suitable Mortgage and/or Risk management solution profile with recommendations that address the client’s goals. The Adviser will ensure and assist that the client understands the recommendations so that the client can make informed decisions. The Adviser will also review with the client the proposed recommendations and will revise the proposal appropriately to suit the client desired objectives

Implementing the financial planning recommendations

The Client and the Financial Adviser will essentially agree on how the recommendations will be carried out. The adviser may carry out the recommendations or serve as the client’s coach, coordinating the whole process with the client and other professionals such as attorneys, accountants or any other professional as deemed required.

Monitoring the financial planning recommendations

BlueShield Financial Advisers’ ongoing obligation will be to monitor the client’s progress towards their goals and will be responsible of the process and will review the client situation annually and report to the client the changes that are required to suit the client’s life changes and adjust the recommendations accordingly.