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Professional Risks

General Liability: All business professions have clients and due to increasing client and regulatory expectations of service, quality and behaviour, it’s absolutely necessary to prepare, manage against any alleged negligence or breach of duty.

Directors and Officers: Director’s and / or Officer’s liability insurance provides cover for the individual director for which the corporation involved is liable to reimburse. It also provides the corporation, reimbursement for payment to its directors and officers for expenses incurred in successfully defending actions based on negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust.

Professional Indemnity: Professional Indemnity insurance offers a professional person protection against legal liability. Specifically, it provides cover against a claim by a client for a mistake that has caused the client a financial loss, including the cost of defending the action.

Information Technology Liability Insurance: Covers combined liability and professional indemnity exposures in a tailored policy for IT services companies.

Legal Self Defence: Legal Self Defence insurance cover will pay all the legal costs you may incur in defending yourself for personal liability against different types of legal proceedings. (The Legal Self Defence Protection Policy features: Expert legal services, including Queens Counsel for defendable charges against you and your family including serious traffic, criminal and civil proceedings)

Cover for personal charges arising as an employee (such as fraud, theft and inappropriate behaviour)